Reading 057 – LHR to EBB & Brother Armand’s Apostasy

October 28, 2014


Brother Armand’s Apostasy

By Ernest Bazanye


Two short pieces from a Ugandan writer. All of us enjoyed them well.

The first one makes us think about our own experience. The feelings of being abroad and the feelings of never seeing your country anymore: that home you have known once in your heart. The piece is very well constructed that in details of the sentences you can find certain historical fact which may only recognized by the natives. For example, in the sentence “You don’t see any Asians.”, it actually indicates the historical fact that at the time Uganda was a British protectorate, the British used labourer from their other colony: India to work in Uganda. And once in a time, 80% of the people there were Asian.

The second story is amazing that it combines so many thought-provoking topics in such a short length and none of them has a fixed answer. It is even better that having these topics doesn’t make it too abstract, instead the descriptions and dialogues are vivid that you can picture the scene right in front your eyes while reading.